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Starry Nights: Chanel Comète

The Chanel Comete range is stunning - just take a look.

..also take a look at some of our Star products





“I wanted to cover women with constellations! With stars! Stars of all sizes!” — Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel


Impressive. Haven’t seen many fingers that shape though

Impressive. Haven’t seen many fingers that shape though

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New scarves from designer label Alexander McQueen

Mr. Marc makes another appearance. Marc by Marc Jacobs
New for spring/summer 2011

Mr. Marc makes another appearance. Marc by Marc Jacobs

New for spring/summer 2011




Taintless Luminaries - QVEST magazine

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Diamonds - still a girl’s best friend ?

If you know anything about jewellery especially exclusive jewellery then you’ll know that Hatton Garden jewellers are some of the best jewellers in the world. This isn’t surprising when you think that Hatton Garden has been the area, in London, for jewellers for at least eight hundred years. Hatton Garden has an international reputation for providing the best quality, hand crafted jewellery on the planet.

Whether its engagement rings, diamond rings or wedding bands, Hatton Garden jewellers have what you want. Prices are far more competitive than you may think. Over one thousand designers, jewellers and craftsmen exist in Hatton Garden. This presents the consumer with fantastic opportunities to buy the best jewellery at the best prices; not only that the choice of styles is amazing. Whatever you want you can buy, from contemporary to antique styles; from futuristic to classic elegance. Mass production is a dirty phrase at most Hatton Garden jewellers; diamond rings are individually crafted with real love and attention.

There is a huge selection of engagement rings and diamond rings for any occasion available.

Don’t have time to browse in person, too busy to visit Hatton Garden?

Online jewellers allow you to investigate from the comfort of your own home; decide whether you want single stone rings, solitaire diamond rings or one of everything! Take your time looking and deciding on your purchase before you visit and avoid the headache of traffic and crowds.

Buying the best jewellery has never been easier than it is today.

Let’s sum it up. If you’re looking for wonderfully crafted jewellery in london then look no farther than a Hatton Garden jewellers. They provide a vast range of diamond rings, engagement rings and other jewellery at prices you can afford. Add customer service that is second to none and you have the complete package.

hatton garden jewellers

Furrer Jacot - Invest in love

Furrer-Jacot rings are produced individually in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Furrer-Jacot products are conflict-free and natural, using high-quality stones from reliable sources, produced under strict ethical labour and environmental standards.

Furrer Jacot - White Gold band with 60 Brilliant Cut DiamondsFurrer Jacot - White & Rose Gold with Brilliant cut Diamonds

Furrer Jacot - Weaved White Gold Engagement ring with 1 Brilliant cut Diamond

See more Engagement rings in Hatton Garden or Wedding rings in Hatton Garden

Wedding Season

It’s almost upon us. Invites are coming in (if you’re lucky) and it’s a great excuse to get dressed up and celebrate. 

Here’s some bridal jewellery to go with the special day.

Devotion - White Gold Pendant Necklace

Seduction - 14ct White Gold & diamond earrings

Diamond set Hollow Cross

Cluster - White Gold Diamond Bracelet

Images from a Jewellers in Hatton garden.